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About Sean

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About Mel
(from Sean's perspective)

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(from Mel's perspective)

In every situation, Sean is the most calm and together person I know, unless there is pizza and kitkats involved. He's never calm when it comes to pizza and kitkats.

Most people think he's quiet at first, but you know that guy who is the funniest person you know? Sean is that guy once you've been around him a bit. In college, all my girlfriends would flock around Sean and say "Sean is here! Say something funny, Sean!" And now you'll do the same thing. No pressure. ;)

World-class dinosaur drawer, living room boy wrestler, sweetest girl cuddler, story-reader with a million funny voices...he is the kind of dad that every child should have.

Whether we're hanging with friends and family at a local restaurant, renovating our country home, taking long drives nearby, or traveling to far away places the world over, he is my favorite person to be with.